24 -29 October 2022 in Fuencaliente de la Palma, Spain

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The Annual Starlight Meeting of Astrotourism, is an event with the participation of Starlight certified territories and accommodations, people trained by the Starlight Foundation as Monitors and Guides, and professionals related to Starlight movement, who meet to exchange experiences, discuss issues associated with astrotourism, and establish guidelines for the future.

The “tourism of the stars”, or Astrotourism, promoted by the Starlight Foundation (www.fundacionstarlight.org) is an emerging, high-quality and innovative modality of sustainable and responsible tourism, which in turn is a driver of the local economy. It combines the observation of the sky with activities related to this natural resource; stars, galaxies and the dissemination of astronomy.

To encourage this scientific tourism it is necessary to protect the night sky, thereby enabling energy savings and mitigating the effects of climate change while combining the starscape with the natural, cultural, scientific, biodiversity and environmental assets in those places that care for the night sky.


Fuencaliente de la Palma,
Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


Monday to Saturday
24th to 29th October 2022



The Values of Astrotourism

  • Science and society
  • The science as culture
  • Tourism as cultural dialogue
  • Importance of tourism in the popularization of science
  • Cultural value of scientific tourism
  • Features of the scientific tourism
  • Scientific tourism, an opportunity
  • Singularity of Astronomy as science
  • The dark sky: Humankind’s cultural heritage
  • Values of the night sky
  • “The Starlight Declaration in the Defense of the Night Sky and the Right to the Light of the Stars” (La Palma, 2007)



Astrotourism: An instrument for sustainability and for climate change mitigation

  • Strategic value: economic and energy saving
  • Dialogue of the cities and historical places with the stars
  • Protection of the night sky
  • Night sky: environment and biodiversity
  • Night sky and Health: a factor of quality of life
  • Tourism as an instrument to mitigate climate change and for sustainability

Astrotourism and Local Economic Development

  • Dimensions of astrotourism
  • Importance of sustainable tourism for the development of rural territories
  • Nature tourism: addition of the starred landscape
  • Astrotourism against the depopulation in rural areas
  • Opportunity of the creation of new products of Astrotourism
  • In times of tourism-phobia how the Astrotourism is integrated in the territories.
  • Management of territories declared Starlight Reserves and Starlight Tourist Destinations
  • The challenge of the quality
  • Starlight modalities as possible prototypes


to stay

Fuencaliente de la Palma

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Education, Training and Outreach

  • Starlight training: guides, monitors, auditors, lighting technicians, teachers
  • Synergies with Astrophysics Research Centers, Astronomical Observatories and Universities
  • International cooperation with Amateur Astronomers Associations and with AWB
  • Communication and marketing of Astrotourism places and activities
  • Light pollution in the press
  • Use of new technologies in Astrotourism
  • The value of the night sky: a pending subject in the schools
  • Astrotourism: a potential University Master Degree
  • Alliances with the UNWTO, IAU and UNESCO





24 -29 October 2022
In Fuencaliente de la Palma, Spain

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